How to travel across Canada with cannabis

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, consumers are learning all about the new rules of marijuana. If you partake, what do you need to know while traveling across the country? We’ve got you covered.

What you can bring

Whether in your checked luggage or carry-on, you’re permitted to carry up to 30g of recreational marijuana, with cannabis oil falling under general liquid restrictions (remember, you can only pack up to 100mL in your carry-on). If you have a greater amount due to a medical marijuana prescription, you’ll need to have your documentation ready. Make sure that your medical marijuana documentation aligns with the guidelines of the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations so that you don’t run into any hassles during travel.

Watch your age

The legal age for marijuana usage varies across Canada, as it does for alcohol consumption. Before you fly across provinces and territories, check to be sure that you’re allowed to land in your destination with cannabis. Not sure what the legal age is across the country? Check here — but keep an eye on Quebec: the government there has plans to increase the legal age limit for cannabis consumption from 18 to 21.

Tools to make travel easier

Looking for some gadgets that you can use to make your cannabis-accompanied trip even smoother? Here are two tools to keep in mind:


This vaporizer by Vapium is perfect for use on the go. Splash-proof, chargeable by USB-C cord, and light but durable, this vaporizer is great for travel.

EZ Pipe

A wind-proof pipe means you’ll always be able to get a light, so pack the EZ Pipe away in your luggage for use while you’re in the great outdoors. It has a slot for any lighter you use, a weed storage compartment, and an enclosed cleaning tool — so you’ve got everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Remember — don’t travel with more than the limits for recreational cannabis use, and don’t dip across Canadian borders with marijuana in your possession! Stay updated on travel requirements and guidelines, pack appropriately, and give yourself a bit of extra time to get through airport security, just in case. Then fly off to your next destination and spark a lil something to celebrate.

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