Boy Scouts sexual abuse claims – hundreds.

Coaches that cheat. Students that cheat. A president who swears he didn’t cheat to win office. It’s all in Wednesday’s Short List. It’s Ashley, keeping ‚em honest on the day’s top news.

But first, remember the „kissing“ bug? You know, the deadly bloodsucker that bites people around their mouth and can pass along a fatal disease known as Chagas? A girl in Delaware was bitten on the face by one.
Some victims are still underage

Boy Scouts of America faces hundreds of new sexual abuse claims exposing 150 alleged pedophiles. In recent weeks, more than 200 individuals have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against members of the century-old organization. A few of the victims are young, still underage or in their 20s, but many have held secrets for decades. Samuel, 17, said a leader fondled him 10 years ago and said, „Don’t say anything.“ The allegations came after ads from three law firms who say the new claims could double the legal cases the organization already faces.

A school bans ‚Daisy Duke‘ shorts – for parents

A Houston high school is under fire for enacting the parental dress code to create a „professional educational environment,“ as the school’s principal wrote in a letter. Guidelines for the school, which has a student dress code as well, list an array of clothing parents are not permitted to wear inside the school or at events, including „pajamas of any kind“ and „Daisy Dukes.“ Critics called the policy discriminatory. Ashton Woods, a Houston City Council candidate, criticized the policy as elitist in a tweet. „Most of the parents likely cannot afford to comply with this dress code,“ Woods‘ said.

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